Free Online Poker Guide To Card, Pocket And Hand Names

In this free online poker how to play poker for for beginners guide we are going to unravel many of the code names used in poker to name the different cards hand combinations. By the end you will no longer be totally lost when playing poker and words such as Fishhooks, Little Slicks and Maverick (to name but a few) get thrown about!

First lets look at individual card names. Then the ranked order of 'pocket cards' (what you get dealt at the start of a poker game). Here we'll define pocket pairs and the better meaning playable) unpaired starting hands. Finally you'll learn some of more popular and famous hands.

The 13 cards used in poker are often nicknamed. A letter or number symbol is also often used to identify the cards.

Ace - Bullet, Rocket (A)
King - Cowboy, Monarch (K)
Queen - Lady, Dame, Dyke (Q)
Jack - Knave, Hook, Fishhook, (J)
10 - Dime (T)
9 - Niner (9)
8 - Snowman, Fat Lady, Ocho (8)
7 - Hockey Stick (7)
6 - Boot (6)
5 - Spot (5)|Jesse James
4 - Sailboat, Sharp Top, Four spot (4)
3 - Trey, Crab (3)
2 - Deuce, Duck (2)
At the beginning of any poker game you get dealt 2 cards, these are called the pocket cards or pockets, they'e the ones only you get to see. About once every 16 times you will get a pair of the same, known as a pocket pair.

In order of "power" they are:

AA - Pocket Rockets, Rockets, Bullets, or American Airlines
KK - Cowboys, King Kong, Gorillas, Kangaroos, Monarchs, or Krispy Kreme
QQ - Ladies, Hookers, or Siegfried & Roy
JJ - Fishhooks, Hooks, Jokers, or Jay Birds
TT - Dimes or Tension
99 - Gretzky, Popeye's, or Phil Hellmuth
88 - Snowmen, Fat Ladies, Dog Balls, or Race Tracks
77 - HockeySticks, SunsetStrip, or Mullets
66 - Route 66, Kicks, or Cherries
55 - Presto, Speed Limit, or Nickels
44 - Magnum, Sail Boats, or Middle Age
33 - Crabs or Treys
22 - Ducks, Pocket Swans, or Deuces.
You'll always at least want to go onto the flop with pocket pairs but of course once every 16 isn't often. The following unpaired pockets though, are ones you may play depending on the risk and cost in the game and what you're reading from other players, in order of potential, they are:

AK - Big Slick or Walking back to Houston
AQ - Little Slick, Big Chick, or Doyle Brunson
AJ - Blackjack, Ajax, or Jackass
AT - Bookend or Johnny Moss
A5 - High Five
A4 - Topped Four
A3 - Ashtray or Baskin and Robbins
A2 - Hunting Season or Acey-Deucy
KQ - Marriage (if suited) or Mixed Marriage (if not suited)
KJ - Kojak, King John, or Tucson Monster
KT - Kate or Katie
QJ - Maverick or Oedipus
QT - Quentin Tarantino
JT - Days of Old
T9 - Paint Plus Connector
98 - Oldsmobile
87 - RPM
76 - Union Oil
65 - Medicare
54 - Jesse James or Colt.
There are loads of names for larger hand combinations and finishing hands, here are a few of the better known ones.

KKK - Alabama Night Riders or Three Wise Men
TTT - Thirty Miles of Bad Road
222 - Huey, Dewey and Louie.
AA88Q - Dead Man's Hand
AKQJT - Broadway
A5432 - Wheel
3 of a Kind - Set (if you hold a pocket pair matched by a 'community card')
3 of a kind - Trips (if one is in your pocket and two are 'board cards')
Full House - Boat or All The In-Laws
4 of a Kind - Quads or Quad Set.