Slot Machines Take Flight In Vietnam

Did Vietnam just okay putting slot machines in the airport? Well not just yet, but it has been talked about in principle. Currently the government is in talks to install slot machines in airports to be used by international visitors and holders of foreign passports. The interesting portion of this is that it's possible that the existing ban for Vietnamese citizens to gamble would not be in effect if they are heading out of the country. This means that any Vietnamese citizen in transit could theoretically gamble as much as they like.

"This could be just the start for Vietnam, don't be shocked to see slot machines become available nationwide in various commercial spaces," said an M88 spokesperson.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung gave his approval on the idea of the slot machines in the airport, and since the proposal comes from the Airports Corporation of Vietnam, this is indeed a very real deal. The final decree that is drafted may contain language that is more restrictive than people think, but no one will know for sure what restrictions will be in place until they actually approve it. The only thing for sure is that there will be a lot of clamoring from interested customers on both sides, especially with the long delays that take place in airports.

House rules for each machine will differ, since local companies will individually maintain and install the slot machines. So don't expect the odds to be universal with each machine, since the programmed rules will differ from install to install. Plans to put it in specific areas of the airport will make it appealing for those traveling with family since it will more than likely be in a closed off area. Travelers will enjoy privacy the likes of which aren't associated with airport travel and restrictions.

So what are the chances of this passing and when will it happen? That's all up to the Ministry of Finance who's final decree will take place after collection enough information from interested parties. That decree will be passed on to the central government that will most likely agree with it without problems, since it is a profitable venture. This could be a real game changer in Vietnam, and if enough people adopt the idea it isn't out of the question to see slot machines in airports as just the beginning.

Gambling can and will change the way people use their downtime in boring situations.